The features your booth should include

Your booth in an exhibit represents  your brand and your profession. Your employees  should work in it many days. Therefore its  important  to consider some main rules while designing a booth for your exhibit.
There  are  three  main questions when you  are making a modern booth. Who  is making the booth? How much is the expense?   is it  really  functional ?  
The  third   question may seem a little obscure .the  majority  of people who  own a booth  in the exhibit want  nothing   but a nice  place   to sit.  In this  modern  there  are more  up- to- date  booth  should have in interesting design  to attract  visitors.
It should also  include a suitable space for storing  goods  and   holding  some small  meetings. Some parts  of a booth  should  be specialized for  displaying company’s products and services .here   we  share some useful points   about a modern booth.  We are sure these tips  will  be profitable both  for new comers  of trading areas and  those  of  high profiles.