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to form different specialized formation to unite and promote the latest quality of the goods

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the attendance of the organizations ,clubs and all formations related to amusements and recreations industry ,holding specialized meetings and workshops Read more

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introducing elite companies to attendants and encouraging top companies in different parts in which foreign commissions are present Read more

Why Amtech

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How to prepare our booth for Amtech Exhibition?

If you have invested in Amtech Exhibit , you know how an exhibit is important in the success of your business.Amtech is a perfect place to display the company’s latest recommendations ,making network with clients and engaging them. so the most important aspect of your career is working on how to display your booth. It should reflect your values , messages and also your company’s performance. That means you need a nice booth in which visitors are able to sit inside And listen and pay attention to your recommends. Read more
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Visitors' Guide

  • This  complex  consists  of four main parts   such as exhibitions, business  center,  accommodation  center, as well as  service  and  support  section.
    The  international  complex  of Shahr-e- Aftab  exhibiton is  located  at  the south  of   Tehran. The area is 275 hectars. It  is  near  Emam Khomeini airport , on Tehran-Qom highway. This  complex was  designed by the   German  company, GPM, which  was  also  responsible for designing Frankfort exhibition  center.
    The  first  phase of  this  complex  operated in 1395.
    Exhibition  halls :  this  part  is located at  the  north  of the complex.the  halls  are  about 12  thousands sqm, and  in three  styles.
    A triple  big  hall  which is  25 thousand sqm and four middle  halls ( twin)  which are about 15 thousand merets. It also has  four small   8-thousand  meters halls. These halls  are  the  main  parts of  the  exhibition. Each hall has a really unique space ,and  with a huge and attractive   ceiling  creates a marvelous  atmosphere.

  • The benefits of visiting
    Getting  familiar with a various range of  Iranian and foreign products
    The chance of comparing different goods and services
    Selecting the most  functional  product according  to  your  needs and budget
    Having direct  and  face-to-face connection with manufacturer  to  ask your questions and express  your requests in the shortest  time
    You  can  save your  time and energy
    It  is also  a perfect  opportunity to  detect  profitable investment  chances
    You  can  discover  new  job opportunities
    You  can  easily  come up  with  new ideas  for promoting  your business
    Moreover You will  have the time and chance of negotiating , interacting  and consulting  with experts
    You will be able to participate in different  seminars , meetings and high- level workshops.
    You can update your  technical  knowledge
    Meanwhile get familiar with the  latest achievements of  this industry

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100 Participants
12000 Visitors
15 Country
85% Satisfaction

Our team

The  organizers  of  AMTECH international exhibition , manage  and operate this  event , in order  to introduce the best  capabilities and cooperation opportunities of amusement  and leisure  industry .

Mr. Saeed Rasa Mr. Saeed Rasa The manager of the exhibition
Mr. Saeed Rasa The manager of the exhibition - the manager of AMTECH international exhibition for 6 consecutive years
- the organizer of IRAN Pavilion
- The designer and organizer of four interior exhibition

Direct contact : 09122107529

Mr . Ramin  Torabi Mr . Ramin Torabi The interior manager
Mr . Ramin Torabi The interior manager - The manager of public relations for nine consecutive years in AMTECH Exhibition
- The advertisement manager of fifteen interior exhibition
- The manager of three international interior exhibit

Direct contact : 09121875876

 Mr. Shahin  Sabzevari Mr. Shahin Sabzevari Business manager
Mr. Shahin Sabzevari Business manager

- The manager of business section for three consecutive years in AMTECH exhibition

MS. Haniyeh Aslani MS. Haniyeh Aslani The manager of international affairs
MS. Haniyeh Aslani The manager of international affairs

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experts view about Amtech

Mohammadreza Moduwdi ,The  former head  of  Iran’s  business  organization,The  entertainment industry  exhibition is  a great  chance for future and it will  lead  to promotion of business in case  it will  be  widely   supported.
Mohammad  Rauf   Ghaderi,The  chief  executive  of  Shah-e-Aftab,AMTEACH  has provided  a   fruitful and outstanding  chance for all  owners  of  this industry  to get  to know their addresses  needs  and  interests .it  is  also  a  good fortune for attendees  to  get familiar with  the latest achievements of this industry
Sonia Pooryamin
Sonia   Pouryamin ,The Media counselor of ministry of industry , Mine&trade , The entertainment  industry   exhibition   has  a leading role in promoting the joy  in society.

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