Nowadays ,  in the world that  is mostly  called  as a Global Village , Communication is always  considered as  one the most  important achievements  of human.
We can refer to exhibition   as  the most fruitful and effective devices that  create an opportunity to  introduce , present and generate a perfect state for many  industries. Exhibitions also are  good chance to display services  and products.
Amtech 2019   is   another  chance  for all traders , businessmen , industries and those   who  are  active in amusement industry to attend  this international  exhibition and promote  their position and state.
This exhibit  is a unique event  in amusement and leisure industry , theme parks and water parks , sporting games, entertainment section in Iran.
It  is  an eminent opportunity for  those  who are  active in this area if they  are really  willing to  fulfill  their business goals.
The variety  of products , the quality  of equipment, providing different  services and the attendance  of many different  countries are just  some features   of this exhibition.
Amtech : 1397
Area: 14  thousand square meters
The number  of attendance: 75
The number  of visitors : 8000 people
The counties  which  attend : China ,  Turkey
The countries which  visit :  China,  Turkey , Uzbekistan ,Iraq
Kazakhstan , Pakistan, Afghanistan