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Projects, which have been deferred due to some unfortunate events that happened last year in Turkey, are now coming to life helping the attraction industry to revive!

Unfortunate events that happened in Turkey last year, which offers a huge potential for the attraction, parks and recreations industry had caused numerous completed projects to be suspended or deferred. With things getting back to normal new projects have started to be brought to life again one after the other. Recession is being replaced with dynamism in the sector. Feedback received from all players of the sector that ATRAX brings together ranging from the manufacturers to municipalities, hotels and shopping mall directors, indicate that the sector has entered a phase of positive growth. It is seen that especially the municipalities have speeded up their new projects and the fact that the companies in the sector are currently very busy supports this observation as well. Thanks to this increased level of activity and its new dates, ATRAX will be welcoming its exhibitors and visitors with a more powerful event this year...


Nergis Aslan, General Manager of Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık which is the organizer of ATRAX said “ATRAX Exhibition which we organize for the 6th time this year has turned into a major platform for the attraction and recreation industry in Turkey and as a result we are more able to be the eyes and ears of the sector. We can see that there’s increased dynamism in the sector and new projects are being brought to life by all players of the sector ranging from companies and municipalities to hotels and shopping malls that we’re in touch with.”


Aslan said, “Also, the Shining Star Attraction, Events and Recreation Awards contest which we’ll be organizing for the 5th time this year alongside ATRAX and EVENT PRO Exhibitions which will be organized concurrently, gives us some insight too. Currently, the “Star Project” category whereby new projects compete receives the highest number of applications. This shows that new projects are being brought to life and have been speeded up. We are glad to see this on behalf of Turkey and the sector. I believe that this will also have some good implications for ATRAX, resulting in a more effective and powerful event”.


Aslan also said “I also believed that EVENT PRO which we’ll be organizing for the first time this year will empower ATRAX and I’m sure that there will be a great synergy between these two exhibitions which we’ll be organizing concurrently on 1-3 February 2018. Again we can see clearly, the excitement that EVENT PRO creates in the sector.”


And EVENT PRO – Event Organization Services and Technologies Exhibition will bring together under a single roof, all players of the sector including the event organizer companies, suppliers, venue managers and agencies.




Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık was founded in 2003 by a team of experienced professionals who have been serving the exhibition industry since 1994. With its team of event organization professionals with profound experience in organizing trade events, Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık which has been organizing numerous trade events in Turkey and Middle East brings together the buyers and sellers and continues to develop new projects with its mission of contributing to trade at the national and international level. With its diligent and detailed work, Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık brings together producers and consumers in specific sectors as well as academicians and professionals from public institutions and serves as a platform to make new business connections, thus contributing to the development of the sectors it serves. Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık moves forward with assured steps towards becoming a global exhibition company that contributes to national economy and adds value to the industries it serves.


ATRAX - Amusement-Attraction, Parks-Recreations Industry and Services Exhibition, is the first and only specialized exhibition of the sector in Turkey and the region where large-scale projects are brought to life in the attractions industry. ATRAX which fills a major trade event gap in the attractions industry which has a gradually growing business volume, is getting ready to host a large number of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world in Istanbul this year as well.

Shining Star Awards is organized with the goal of creating awareness and agenda related to the attractions and recreation which have become a major necessity and helping the industry create more added value in the social, cultural and economic sense by offering higher quality products and services.


Every year, event organization companies, public organizations and enterprises, corporations, municipalities, hotels and facilities come up with hundreds of new event projects. While these projects act as the driving force behind the growth of the event organization sector, continuously advancing technologies support the development of the sector to a great extent. EVENT PRO’18 brings together all players of the sector including event organizer companies, suppliers and venue managers and gathers under its roof, local and international companies of the sector, offering a platform for sharing experiences and new ideas. 


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